Saturday, January 17, 2015

Copic Marker Class

I'm at Scrap-A-Way Retreats in Mystic this weekend helping out and teaching two Copic's classes.  For those that are unfamiliar with Copic markers this class is a perfect introduction.  It's Copics 101 :)  Here are two images that we will color in the class.  Don't be intimated it's not as hard as it looks!

Topics covered in this class will be:
What makes Copic markers so special?
What types of paper and inks are compatible with Copics?
What are the best techniques to create beautiful blends?
Which markers should I use for shading?
What is the colorless blender used for?
Are there any tricks to using the colorless blender?

Please contact me to sign up and check out my Facebook page Stephanie Loves Scrapbooking.

Let's color together! :)