Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW CTMH Idea Book only a day away!

Drum roll please....The new CTMH Idea Book is being released on August 1st! I am so excited because I know you will absolutely LOVE all of the new and fabulous products and I can't wait to show them to you!!!  I have had the amazing opportunity to get my copy of the new Idea Book already at Convention and I also received lots of gorgeous new papers and accessories for FREE (click here to sign up to be a Consultant and you can be just as LUCKY as me!). 

Wow are you going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the new CRICUT cartridge!!! The flowers and doilies in the beautiful artwork showcased above were made using our new Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.  Yes we have really decided to make papercrafting FASTER. SIMPLER. EASIER. for you.  After all our motto is: We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity, to preserve and share the moments that matter most.  And we really mean it! Even if you think you are not a creative person I KNOW I can help you discover how with our patterns, instructions and guidance you can make the most amazing papercrafting projects that your family and friends will just go crazy over.  And best yet, you will have the confidence in knowing that your precious memories will be preserved for future generations to enjoy and treasure! 
There are so many things to show and tell you that I will also be holding a CTMH Open House on August 14th from Noon until 3 p.m.  Come and see our new products and get your very own copy of the new Idea Book for FREE with your order.  I will also have some cash & carry items and of course a make & take! What's that? You can't wait until August 14th? (I don't blame you!!!) You can also click here to place an order online at my website at right now for products in the current Idea Book and starting August 1st for the new products in the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book!  Please let me know if you will be attending my CTMH Open House as I want to make sure to prepare enough make & takes for all!  RSVP through email by August 12th at and I will send you all the details.  SEE YOU SOON!!!
Happy crafting! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Destination Home-- Connecticut

"There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!"

Oh my! I just clicked my beautiful ruby slippered heals together three times and voila I'm home!!!  No really, I am not in Oz anymore, or Kansas or California or get the idea.... I flew home.  Family missed us too much.  We missed our family.  We felt that we had seen everything that we had wanted to see (for now at least). So we decided to fly back home to good ole Connecticut, the Constitution State.  They say "home is where the heart is" but I think that home is a place where the hearts of those that you love are.   We missed everyone and we were very happy to get home especially to the awesome welcome home duo that greeted us at the airport.  Welcome home signs, smiles, hugs and a few tears too.  Thanks Lisa and Tracie!!!!

There really is no place like home.

Thank you for following my blog and please continue to follow me in all my travels and scrapbooking endeavors! LUSM!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Destination Home-- Sightseeing in Las Vegas

We stayed at the ULTIMATE hotel in Las Vegas, the Bellagio, but we also got a chance to visit some of the other hotels along the strip such as the Paris, Mandalay Bay, Excalibar, Luxor, Venetian, Wynn, and Caesars Palace.   My favorite was the Paris.  The Paris is right across the street from the Bellagio and has a HUGE Eiffel Tower in the front of the hotel with the casino at the bottom of the tower and a restaurant about a third of the way up on the 11th floor.  You can also take a ride up to the top of the Eiffel Tower if you so desire.  I passed on that one; sorry but I have had enough of high altitutudes for a while!  :)   We ate the most delicious meal at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant!  Five courses of utter bliss!!! We have really eaten some EXCELLENT meals on our vacation (Bobby Flay's MESA Grill was by far the BEST meal we have ever had).  We also had amazing seats to see the Celine Dion concert at Caesars and she did not disappoint! I am really sorry to be leaving Las Vegas.  I have had such a great time these past four weeks that I don't want it to end! But alas all good things must come to an end, I guess... Enjoy the pics!

The Paris as seen from our hotel room!

The Eiffel Tower at night is beautiful!

The inside of the Eiffel Tower on the Casino floor is surrounded by french apartments/rooms and shops.

We are up in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant with an amazing view of the Bellagio and its famous fountain (really a lake modeled after Lake Como in Italy).  We were on our third out of five courses here. No joke! :)

Mom and Josh had to "walk like an egyptian" at the Luxor hotel which is in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid complete with Pharoahs and Sphinx gallore. (You can stop singing that Bangles song to yourself now please)

The outside of the Luxor. It is hard to appreciate the massive size of the pyramid and sphinx here but maybe looking at how small the cars are will help. 

Mom and Josh at the foot of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Joshua enjoying the view of a Caesars Palace fountain.

Joshua and his new favorite drink-- a Shirley Temple with extra cheries!

No my seats were not THAT close! but they were really good (box orchestra heehe!).  Celine actually emailed me a few pictures from her show and a specially recorded thank you message.  No joke! Really! Go to her show and you will get one too!!!

OK enough for now. My next post will be from home. "I am leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again."  Now stop singing John Denver for goodness sakes!  We decided to fly back home from here.  If I don't go home now, I may never go home. :) SUS!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Destination Home-- Las Vegas, Nevada

Greetings or should I say "Ciao" from the unbelievable Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada!  We are on our way home now from our California trip but we are sparing no expense!  This has been the trip of a lifetime! (and I might need to spend the rest of my life paying for it but C'est la vie!) This is really a site to see! Here are a few pics of the Bellagio for you to drool over...

The grand size view of the Bellagio from across the street in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant of the Paris (post more on there soon).  In the lake in front of the Bellagio a jaw dropping water show is presented about every half hour where the water is shot up into the air as high as the Bally's hotel nearby!

Joshua at the entrance of the Bellagio. Love the lions!!!

Mom and Josh walking under the many upside down umbrellas throughout the Bellagio's grand walkway of shops such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi. (I am in the back taking the picture and getting my credit card ready :)

The longest long-stem roses I have ever seen. I swear I think they are about 5 feet tall! The colorful over-the-top glass flowers hang from the ceiling in the lobby. 

The courtyard is just amazing. There are more flowers there than I have ever seen in my whole life combined!  There is also a merry-go-round which Joshua was very disappointed to find out was just for "show."

Here is the other side of the courtyard which would be just incomplete without the ferris wheel, don't you agree?

The center view of the courtyard with the large eagle made out of flowers, twigs and seeds.  There are also huge bears and "paintings" made out of all natural materials.

This is the largest moving chocolate fountain in existance. The chocolate flows right down from the ceiling!  Too bad I could not find the hole at the bottom to fit my open mouth into. Oh well.  I settled for a pistachio gelato instead which was delicioso!

 I really want to write how much I miss you all but sorry I just can't! ha ha! LUSM!!!! :)  See you soon! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Destination California-- Sightseeing

WOW we had an AMAZING time in California!!!  I have already posted two times on our fun in Disneyland and also a few posts from my exciting CTMH Convention, but along the way we also had some time to do some COOL sightseeing.  We visited Graumans Chinese Theatre to see the many hand and foot prints of celebrities in the cement, walked along the stars on the sidewalk, took a tour of celebrities homes in our very own white stretch limosine and walked along the BEAUTIFUL beach in Long Beach! Here are some pics of the highlights...

The star of Michael Jackson was right in front of the Chinese Theatre

Che Bella Sophia Loren. Even her shoe prints are gorgeous!

Crazy yet loveable Jack Nicholson

Go ahead Clint Eastwood make MY day! Mom sure was happy! :)

Steven Spielberg's house was on the top of a huge hill

Keanu Reeves' house was very industrial

Cameron Diaz's house (mansion!) was beautiful!

Christina Aguilera's house (behind the big wooden gate!) was pretty in pink!

Me on Rodeo Drive! Check!!!!!

Joshua and I in front of the REG-BEV-WIL (Regent Beverly Wilshire) Yeah!!!! Is that Edward Louis stopping by to pick me up?! 

We had a GREAT view of the hollywood sign.  Very cool!!!

Josh and I on the California sand!

Mom LOVES palm trees.  Too bad they don't sell those in the gift shops!

My next post will be from LAS VEGAS Baby!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

CTMH Convention: 3 Make & Takes

Last night was the last night of Convention and WOW am I EXCITED about all the GORGEOUS projects we made this year!!! and best yet I was able to finish them here!!!!

This is the front cover of Convention Display Album made by attaching 3 Kraft cards together and accordian folding them.   The following pictures are of the inside pages...

I am going to go back later and darken the new cork letters with a little Cocoa ink to make them pop more, add my pictures to the white spaces and my journalling to the tags.   Here is the second project we made a 12 x 12  2-page layout using the new Roxie papers, 10 things level 2 accessory, bling assortment and red ribbon. I absolutely LOVE how this layout came out!!!

Here are a few closeups...

Now all I have to do is add the pictures and the journalling! The three black 4x6 spaces are to be filled with pictures and the journalling will be added to each of the numbered pull tabs from the 10 things pocket. Don't you just love the addition of those cute pearl stick pins!!!

The third make & take was the new Memory Game Box. This 3 x 3 box has 24 chipboard coasters/cards inside. We decorated the box featuring the new Elemental papers.  It is such a cute box and I can't wait to do another one of these and fill it with a collection of my 3x3 thank you cards.

Although I did not find a Sticky Boy again this year I had a BLAST with all of my CTMH friends some of which found a sticky boy (or two!) of their very own! You LUCKY rascals!  I will post more pictures later.  I am eager to place my CTMH Convention order!!! :)