Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cross Country Layouts using Studio J

I have completed the following five layouts using Studio J for the business class of our upcoming CTMH LeaderShare in New Jersey.   Studio J is an online scrapbooking program that allows you to create beautiful layouts fast! You do not need to print your pictures as Studio J prints everything for you and sends you the 12x12 pages with sheet protectors too! If you have not tried this amazing software yet send me an email, I would be happy to show you how! This is also a great way to get caught up on layouts if you are behind in your scrapbooking (and who isn't!?!) and looks amazing for wedding albums, family history albums and special occasions where you may not want to use adhesive on your photos or worry about the papers or accessories decreasing the lifetime of your artwork. 

Although these projects did not go as fast as most of the layouts I have created in Studio J, I did spend more time adding detailing such as stitching and I learned valuable tricks and techniques that I will definitely use in future layouts.  I love Studio J! 

These are all pictures from my family's recent trip cross country.  As you can see we had a blast! Now I just have to finish scrapbooking the rest - in Studio J of course! :)

For more info on Studio J click here.

Happy Crafting!


  1. These layouts are beautiful! I love how you made them work for you. I only posted one so far, and I saw Joyce posted some too. It's neat to compare what we all did with the directions.

  2. Beautiful Layouts Stephanie,
    I LOVE everyone's take on these layouts and papers. Wish I had my jpegs!:0(
    I forgot to activate my membership before finishing the layouts.

    1. Thanks Nancy! I think you can scan your layouts when you get them in NJ so you will have them on file. Or you can take a picture of them. But I know it is not the same thing as getting them right away. Looking forward to seeing you soon! :)

  3. Thanks Crystal I totally agree this was a cool project :)