Friday, July 1, 2011

Destination California -- 3rd Stop: Kansas City, Kansas

We we are in Dorothy's home state of Kansas! The land of the twister but we have thankfully seen none of those. But we have seen alot of wolves! Stuffed ones, that is!  We are at the awesome Great Wolf Lodge.  It is beautiful and fun!!! The entire first floor is a WATER PARK!!! The HUGE water park has five gigantic water slides (some of which carry you out of the hotel and back in again!) and three kiddie slides.   We all had a BLAST playing, splashing, and riding the water slides.  After we took Josh on the big yellow slide, which was mostly in the dark, Joshua said "I wanna do that again!" It was so funny! 
There is a floor to ceiling fireplace with wolves on cliffs and a really big clock tower with trees and animals that sing and dance!
They put on a cute show that ends with a storytime at night that Joshua loved.  At the end of the story we got to meet Wiley the wolf!!!  Inside the hotel they also have different game stations set up such as treasure chests that open and light up and pictures that talk to you!  All you have to do is wave your magic wand at them.  You have to gain powers to defeat the goblin king and dragon.  This is part of the MagiQuest interactive action adventure game.  They also have lots of indoor and outdoor crafts to do and an arcade on the first floor of the hotel which Joshua thought was like Chuck E. Cheese's.
Well I am off to find the yellow brickroad now.   :)


  1. I figured it out! YAY! That is Awesome...looks like so much fun!! Joshua must be in heaven going to all of these exciting places! I love the blog!!